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Currently [OPEN] for commissions!

Hey folks! Just a quick note to say I am currently available for commission jobs.

Sorry this isn’t the most exciting update for today, but since I finished the Primaris and Necromunda Goliath jobs over the Xmas/New Year break I’ve cleared through my commission list.

I am currently available to paint right now!

If you particularly have a Killteam, Blood Bowl team, Necromunda Gang or Skirmish warband you’d like painting up, please contact me using the form linked in my menu above! I’ll get back to you asap. Or you can contact me on twitter @jewelknightjess too! And see my Instagram @jewelknightjess to see my finished and WIP works at any given moment.

Jessica likes painting minis, playing JRPGs and eating chocolate. She once took a week off school just to play Tales of Symphonia. Then she got in trouble.

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